My Family


My Wife – Genevieve Samuel Rufus

Am immensely blessed to be married to the smart, intelligent, beautiful and charming Genevieve whom I married on the Oct 29, 2005. She is my support system and I could not have achieved all that I did had it not been for the love, support and encouragement of my wife. As you can imagine, all the long hours I put in office, my mood swings because of work pressure, the other commitments I have in terms of Church/youth fellowship on Saturdays & Sundays too cannot be accomplished without the support of my wife. She totally takes care of the back-end right from the bank work to the kids’ school work to shopping to ‘you-name-it-she-gets-it-done’, so that I can concentrate on my core strengths and talents and use it for the glory of God and the people under my care in office and Church/Youth fellowship. I truly cannot “eat the cake” without appreciating all the work she does in the backend so that I can work stress-free! She truly makes me successful. I am blessed to have her as my wife and love her tons !

My Daughter – Sasha Natalia Samuel

I still remember those anxious moments in the hospital and finally a beautiful, rolly-polly bundle of joy coming out of her mother’s womb on the April 7, 2007. Sasha Natalia Samuel is a gift from the Good Lord Himself and I can tell you she is a handful!

At the cost of getting killed at the hands of my wife, I must mention that Sasha has got my looks and demeanor although she does not yet have the dimples I have (am poking her cheeks everyday to ‘dig a dimple’ ) . I am positive she will grow up to have the good qualities of her dad and mom!

My Son – Jayden Elijah Samuel

I must make mention, that when my wife was pregnant, my daughter Sasha used to point at the bulging stomach and say “Elijah” inside. You see, Elijah was probably one of the greatest prophets in the Bible. When Sasha kept calling him Elijah and when we actually had a boy child, we named him Elijah.

Jayden was a (Hebrew) name chosen by my wife and it means – God has heard your prayers! I thought that was so meaningful and so there he was! He is totally a bundle of joy for us and everyone around him! I can assure you (with God’s grace) he will bring joy to the world and everyone he is in touch with!

My Parents

Grace Nallaraj & Rev. Dr. I. Nallaraj Edward

I must, without a moment of doubt or hesitation, say that my Family is my POWERHOUSE !!! I am what I am only and only because of my Dad’s exemplary life, my Mom’s prayers and my sister’s patience & love. Each time I go thro’ some difficulty in my life my family fasts and prays for me constantly. Infact, I get into trouble so often that they pray for me daily! But I repeat, I am what I am only because of my Family’s love, prayers and tolerance. I know that I know that I know that as long as they are backing me up with prayers and support, I will go Onward, Forward & Upward!!! I know of no other way to go!

My dad (who is also an ordained pastor/reverend) has hence retired from missionary/church work (he was earlier working at the Bishop Heber College in the Chemistry department) and my mom has since retired as a mathematics teacher. But they are still very active in the church and other ministries helping the needy every single day of their life! Infact they are still more busy serving God and other fellow human beings that I ever can in a lifetime!

My Sister

My Sister Eunice, Her Husband - Jasper and their Son - David

I just have one sibling and my younger sister Eunice is married to Jasper Manuel (my junior in Karunya Inst. Of Technology) and is settled in Kuwait. Jasper works for a Medical Instrumentation Company and my sister works for the Kuwait University after completing her Masters in Microbiology at CMC Vellore). They both have a lovely son – David.

I can confidently say that my sister Euni has been my biggest fan right from my childhood till date! She has made tons of sacrifices to ensure that I get the best of the world during my growing-up days. She is deeply committed to the Lord and is well-known for her excellent PJs (Poor Jokes :-)) which she cracks at the right time and cracks up the entire audience! Even if I spend a life-time making it up to her, I know I wont be able to make up for all the things I owe her. She truly is a sister in every sense of the word and my love and blessings on her will never cease!


My Relatives


I have a rather BIG family. If India’s population is 1.2 billion, you will soon realize who the real culprit for India’s burgeoning population is !

From my Father’s Side

My Father (Rev. Dr. I. Nallaraj Edward) has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. They are a family of 6. My Grandfather – Reverend Inban was a Pastor in South India and my Grandmother Prithibhai was a housewife. But she was a strong lady and she ran the family! The total number of cousins from my Father’s side is 15 ! Most of them are married and have kids of their own !

From my Mother’s Side

My mother (Grace Nallaraj) has just one sibling – Eben. They are a relatively small and close-knit family. My grandfather who worked for the District Collector in Madurai passed away when my mom was just 7 years old and my grandmother Hilda brought up my mom and her sister along with her brother’s family – Mr. Thiagarajan. Their only son (my mom’s first cousin) Prince Ravindran grew up to marry my mom’s second sister – Eben. They have two children – John and Juvina. Both of them are married and have kids of their own.

From my Father-in-law’s Side

My Father-in-law (Joseph Banji) has 5 brothers and 3 sisters. All of them are married and have tons of kids (my wife’s cousins). Even some of the cousins have kids ! The total family here would be somewhere around 20ish!

From my Mother-in-law’s Side

My Mother-in-Law (Violet Banji) has 9 brothers and 4 sisters. That’s an amazing 13 member family ! They have tons of kids and tons of siblings as well. The total family here would be somewhere around a millionish (well actually maybe around 80ish!!!) ! My wife’s grandfather was quite “active” I guess!