“Inspite of” and not “Instead of” – This has been one mantra or success slogan for my entire life and career. This has been the reason for the success of the DNOC in R10 too (and every other team I have handled).

What does this thing really mean ? Simply put, every member of the team will work “inspite of” his current responsibilities and commitments and do “over & above” what is required. For instance, if a person has to work on a project that is not a part of his regular duties, he will work on the project “inspite of” his regular duties and not “instead of” his regular duties ! What it means is that while he will NOT compromise or drop the ball on his regular duties, he will work over and above “inspite of” the hurdles or challenges along the way! This philosophy and slogan has worked miracles for the team and has motivated the team towards “GREATNESS” !!!