Recently one of the folks who works in another team barged into my room and in front of everyone in my team cracked a seemingly funny joke and addressed me using a rather derogatory name jokingly (apparently). You see, I could have reacted and cracked a counter joke, cut him off in front of my team and made him the laughing stock in no time. But I thought to myself, this person is behaving immaturely because they could not deliver what they owe my team on time and now they are here to find a way out and make things appear petty. There was no point in condescending to his level and even giving his so called “joke” the dignity of a smile. If I had reacted, I would have acknowledged that what he said affected me in the first place and secondly, I would have come down to his level and lost my high ground!!! I have learnt over the years, to avoid headaches and heartaches, just Forgive and forget, don’t get petty even it costs you something temporarily. Conquering the “ground” is of no use if we don’t hold the “High Ground”!!!