This is in the context of added responsibilities and promotions. Many of us feel…..since I worked for 2 years in this role, I am “entitled” to a promotion; since I stayed back late in office I am “entitled” to come late tomorrow or take a comp-off; since I did this, I am “entitled” to that !!! All this entitlement attitude is a reflection of surely doing things “instead of” and not “inspite of”. We will be rewarded only for our unique contribution and efforts – not for the tenure we warmed our seats! We will be rewarded for working creatively, adding value, getting things done “over and above” our regular 9-5 jobs (what we are normally paid to do by default).

We will be rewarded for working “inspite of” problems/issues we face. Also a designation hike does not “entitle” anyone to get the team’s respect. It gives us an opportunity to win that respect! So to progress quicker, I would challenge you to get out of the ‘government job’ kind of attitude called the “Entitlement Attitude” and see the results !!!