Never lose sight of the Organizational Vision. Never lose sight of what your Boss or Manager exactly wants to fulfill the vision. Always keep an eye out for what hurts or upsets him/her, what is his/her expectation and what normally wins his/her appreciation for you.

But if we forget what our boss accurately/explicitly wants and give everything other than that, we are not fulfilling the vision of the Boss. Remember that “Division” comprises of 2 words – “Di” & “Vision”….translating to dual vision. You cannot have 2 engines pull a train. Added to that, when we don’t follow the vision, we obviously won’t be appreciated, but more importantly, we would be hurting our boss’s growth/success and at a macro level – not fulfilling the vision of the organization.

So keep your ears and eyes tuned to the exact passion of the boss and do that first. Everything additional that we do is the additional icing on the cake.  Many times in our over-zealousness, we work on the icing and not the cake (read as Vision) itself.