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Sam Rufus Nallaraj is the Chief Executive Officer of GluePlus India Pvt. Ltd. (formerly called Mxit Network India Pvt. Ltd.). In his current role he will be involved in both the strategy and operations of the GluePlus products and services in the India and overseas markets. He will be additionally involved in the innovation of the GluePlus technology offering so as to capture the vast Analytics, CRM and Mobile technology market in the Indian sub-continent and overseas. He was the former Vice President at Deloitte & Touché in Hyderabad, India and was in-charge of the Deloitte US Firm’s Global Enablement services. He had earlier set-up the ‘NASA’ of Deloitte – the Deloitte National Operations Center, the IT Infrastructure hub for the US firms. He has worked in 4 jobs within Deloitte itself and has a wide range of experience from Management Consulting to Corporate Finance to IT Strategy and infrastructure management. He was awarded the “All Star” Award – an award that selected the best from among the Managers, Senior Managers and Vice-Presidents in Deloitte India.

Sam Rufus is known for his maverick ideas and was recently selected among 30,000 applicants all over Asia to represent India in the famous Television series – “The Apprentice”. He stood the runner-up in this international competition and was well appreciated for his creative and innovative ideas!

He is also a much sought after speaker in the professional circles and handles topics on Leadership, Strategic Management, Behavioural Skills, Ethics, Coach Approach and Audio Visual Communication among other topics across India and abroad. He is also a trained John Maxwell’s EQUIP faculty (John Maxwell’s non-profit organization) and teaches on Leadership development.

Sam Rufus has a special interest and talent in the Audio Visual arena and has written & directed over 11 big budget dramas & plays that were attended by over 6000 people each time. He has been a part of 2 music albums and a number of television programs.

He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Management Consultant (CMC), Certified ITSM ITIL Manager and has a number of other certifications to his credit.

Sam Rufus and his wife Genevieve live with their daughter Sasha and son Jayden in Hyderabad, India.

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President Barack Obama :  

On July 28, 2014, US President Barack Obama mentions Mxit (our company headquartered in South Africa) as a Pioneer of Chat Technology: Click Here

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Why Me

What do I bring to the table?

I am someone who can cast the vision, lead from the front, establish operations from ground-up and deal with a ton of local nuances!

I have extensive expertise in doing just that – I was known as an “in-house” entrepreneur at Deloitte, went on to set-up Mxit (a South African Chat App) in India from ground-up at Hyderabad, India. Hiring, Casting the vision, Dealing with Legal & Audit compliances, Setting up systems & procedures et al I’ve done it all!

I am someone who can build relationships with the on-site parent company’s leadership and implement (read as localize) their vision “glocally”! 

I believe that ALL business on planet earth happens ONLY and ONLY through meaningful relationships.

Philosophy apart, I have maintained excellent relationships with my leadership, my Board of Directors, my colleagues, business partners and everyone I come in contact with. I believe in collaborating as a “strategic adviser” and not as an “order-taker”!

I am someone who can deliver, meet deadlines and meet targets consistently!

I believe if a CEO cannot take an organization from “A to B to Z” and breast the finish line, he/she would just be a Chief “Entertainment” Officer! While enjoying your work is important, results matter 101%!

I am someone who has a vision and “defies the box”!

I have always been known to be a “Maverick” of sorts in terms of creative thinking and innovative execution. Merely thinking “out of the box” just won’t cut it, “breaking the box” will. I was a Semi-finalist at “The Apprentice” Asia recently and was much appreciated for my maverick and creative ideas!

I am someone who is optimistic of the future! 

I believe that 3 things define me as a leader: I have Business Skills, I have Behavioural Skills and Thirdly, I am a Believer!

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